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Monday, March 22, 2010

Memorial Box Monday- My little 6 week old

Some blogger friends of mine have started picking Monday's as a time to remember and record the things God has done for them. I love this idea! Can I say though that I have a HORRIBLE memory (which is one reason I blog). My lifetime best bud Rebecca can remember what color shoes I wore on the first day of 2nd grade and I can't even remember who my teacher was. So this Memorial Box Monday thing will be a great way to record these stories for my kids (Trent just may have to write most of them) :)

Memorial Box Monday #1

Sam was a sick baby. He cried all the time and could projectile vomit across the room (almost). We saw his Dr. several times and he would tell me that it was reflux and would give me the normal recommendations. One Saturday morning (he was 6 weeks old), Sam woke up with a dry diaper. I knew this was odd and called the pediatrician and said I was bringing him in. The Dr. acted a little annoyed that I was bringing him again for reflux and decided to order an upper GI just to prove it. He said I would most likely have to wait until Monday, but I could walk over to the hospital and just see. He also wrote a prescription for reflux medicine for us to go ahead and start.

I walked into radiology, told my sob story to the receptionist, and the people said sure if I didn't mind waiting that they would try to work us in. An hour later we had the upper GI done. I started to gather my things to leave (figuring they would call my Dr. with the results) when the Radiologist came around the corner and informed me that I wasn't going anywhere. He said, "this baby is going into surgery today. The valve below his stomach is completely closed". I panicked and called Trent.

Trent called the cell phone of a good friend of ours who is a surgeon. That friend just happened to be in the hospital and right around the corner from me. He came around, looked at Sam, scheduled an operating room, and had Sam in surgery within 2 hours. He said that if we had waited until Monday, Sam would have been severely dehydrated and would have required several more days of fluid before he could have operated. The anesthesiologist told us later that day that he had never seen a kid able to go right into that surgery and usually they were much sicker by the time the stenosis was discovered.

I believe that God took care of my baby that day and orchestrated the events perfectly to allow him to get the care he needed. The other crazy part was that Trent was in the final 2 for a pastor position there in Waco and while he was gathering his things to come to the hospital, the committee knocked on our door to tell him that he did not get the job. God gave us the next 3 days alone in a hospital room to talk about what He had taught us through that process and what that had taught Trent about his desires to be a senior pastor. Those were the stepping stones to where we are now.

That same big boy now almost 5 years later


Naomi said...

What a great story!! I love reading how faithful God is!!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Wow -- God had His hands on that child!

Kim S said...

I did not even know that story. How did I miss that? Probably off planning a banquet or something - ha! God is good. Love that boy!!

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