Monday, March 29, 2010

A Fabulous Getaway!

This weekend we took a mini-vacation to San Antonio because Jack had a 4 day weekend. We decided to try out the new JW Marriott Hill Country after I found a great special online. To make a long story short, Trent called and talked to someone who gave him an upgrade because he has mega Marriott points. I was expecting a little larger room with maybe a love seat that folds out into a bed or something. So you can imagine my surprise when they gave us keys to 2 rooms.

I was so excited at the idea of being able to spread out a little and felt really blessed. Well, the next surprise blew me away because I opened the door to this! The bellman must have thought that we won a charity drawing or something because my luggage and clothing did not match the rack rate for this room or shall I say suite! :)

These don't even include the 2 bathrooms and full kitchen!!!

I struggled at first with whether to view this as being lucky or as a blessing. I really try not to get caught up in defining my "being blessed" by my bank account or material possessions because I believe that God is a whole lot more interested in the state of my heart than my comfort.

However, I also know that God has in many ways revealed Himself to me as provider and He is a God who loves to give good gifts to His children.

"If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!" Matt 7:11

Can I tell you something about myself though? I am not a very good gift receiver. But I know this and I did not want to miss giving God credit for blessing us in this way. I had so many opportunities this weekend to look over the view and marvel at His creation. I wonder if He just wanted me to slow down and take a minute to enjoy Him.

So today I am thankful for a God who loves to bless His children. I still believe that He is more interested in my heart than my comfort, but I can also picture him watching with anticipation to see my expression when I opened the door of that room because He loves me that much.

Both boys cried when we left. Here is Sam with his "I don't want to ever leave the Marriott face" and a few more pictures from our fabulous getaway.


Lori Lee said...

What a great weekend! I love Ruthie's shoes on backwards in the last photo! Looks like you guys had a great time! I love watching Ruthie, she reminds me so much of my Sara, except Sara is unable to raise her arms up. I love seeing the photos of Ruthie raising her arms-I'm so excited for her!

TanyaLea said...

Oh Ginny~ I am so glad that God blessed your family with such a wonderful getaway, topped off with 'surprise' upgrades! I know He takes delight in blessing His children, and I'm sure He enjoyed the excitement on your faces!! Beautiful photos of a fun and refreshing weekend for your family. God is GOOD!!! <><


Jen said...

And I thought the JW Marriot we stayed at in Chongqing was nice--WOW! Glad you had a great getaway!

Jim and Jill said...

So fun! I've heard that hotel is pretty neato. Jenny, Trent gave us the link to your blog. It's beautiful! And your Ruthie is a doll, as are your other precious ones. Praise God for His work in your life!--Jill (Harding) Hamilton