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Monday, March 22, 2010


I have never been a fan of thighs. In fact, most of my insecurities growing up had to do with yes- my thighs. I knew from a very young age, standing in front of the mirror in dance class, that I was in the unlucky gene pool when it came to getting thighs. My dad used to tell me that I had "dancer legs" but somehow all those other dancers didn't have the same legs. Hmm. Bad genetics.

Anyway, I share this bit of insight into my insecurities with you because God has completely redeemed my view of thighs. How you might ask? It is through one beautiful little Chinese girl with the most wonderful little thighs I have ever seen. When we got Ruthie 8 months ago she had skinny little bird legs. I even had to go shopping for newborn shorts in China because she was too skinny to hold up the ones I brought with me. But since then, thanks to the bacon and whole milk diet, my little empress has grown her a set of thighs that I could squeeze all day.

I never would have imagined a day that I would have loved a set of thighs, but oh my goodness that is only because I could have never imagined a child with thighs as cute as Ruthie's. Thank you Jesus for chubby little girl thighs.

She would probably never forgive me if I showed you a picture of just her legs, but if you don't tell her I told you, you can scroll down and see those thighs in her little bathing suit picture on Friday March 19th. Shhhhh

Also, I do have this super cute pic to show you in her new Easter PJs with our bunny Baylor.


The Richerts said...

So fun, Ginny!! We have been saying all week, as we see Olivia in summer clothes, "these are not the same little thighs that we brought home from China!" She too had skinny little legs and hair that was dull and sparse. Now, her hair is shiny and filling in and we have lots more to tickle and munch on.
Happy Spring,

Lauren said...

You know, Ginny...when you print out your blog book and she has this as her bedtime reading in middle school, she'll come running downstairs and throw it at you! The same thing Sam will do when he grows up and sees the bunny outfit picture. Then, when they have children of their own and realize how much time and effort you put into capturing the moments of their youth, they'll forgive you and ask for them back. :)

For the record, I love all of the blogs and pictures you have. I'm just giving you a hard time!

Ginny said...

Oh Lauren you bring up a very good point. I haven't shown my bloggy friends the picture of Sam in the bunny suit. I will have to do that on his birthday. Thanks!

Love you too

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