Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Meeting of Old and New Friends

Friday night we met 2 very important people for dinner. The first one, Karleigh Mei is the adopted daughter of Jenn who has the blog "Love Like Crazy". The second, Anna Bei, is the adopted daughter of Traci.

I followed Jenn's blog closely while we were waiting on Ruthie and have learned a lot from their family and their blog. Traci, mom of Anna Bei, found me through the Yahoo group for Ruthie's orphanage. Ruthie and Anna Bei shared a room together in China and we even have a picture of them together.

Ruthie was real shy at first, but warmed up after a little dinner. I am not sure she remembered Anna Bei or at least she didn't run to her and hug her like a long lost friend. It was great to see all of these girls together. I hope we will have many more chances to connect as the girls get older.

*This is Anna Bei, Ruthie, Karleigh Mei, and Anna Bei's sister Marin

*Sweet Anna Bei "Bei Bei" playing it safe from her chair

*Anna Bei and Ruthie in China

*Anna Bei and Ruthie in TEXAS
*Anna Bei with my crazy girl

*We discovered that Ruthie is not the only one who likes to pose for the picture. Karleigh Mei can turn it on for a camera too. Her sister, Lexi, takes great pictures of her at "Love Like Crazy". Both girls were very good at striking a pose. See below..

*Jack was smitten with miss Karleigh Mei. Can you blame him? What a cutie!


Naomi said...

Oh I am so jealous that you met Karleigh Mei!!!! How fun to get together and how special to meet Ruthie's room mate!!! I love the pictures!!!

Hunan Mommy said...

What an awesome experience! We have a simililar experience with a family who contacted us while we were in China. We are not lucky enough to live in the same vicinity. What a blessing for Ruthie to start making such great memories! Cara