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Friday, March 12, 2010

Crossed a Line. Just not sure if it is a good one.

(If you are looking for the Kinesio Taping post, it is the one before this. Just scroll down)

Well Ruthie took a big step this week. It was one that took her out of her bed and out of her room. Let me give you a little background.

In our referral picture of Ruthie, she has what looks like tourniquet marks around her legs and arms. About the time we noticed this, a conversation came up on our Yahoo group about how the nannies in the orphanage have to tie the babies to their cribs to keep them in bed at night. We don't know if those marks in that picture for sure came from that, but it was interesting information.

Fast forward to bringing Ruthie home and we noticed very quickly that she never got out of bed on her own. She would always just lay there and cry until someone would come and get her. We couldn't help but wonder if this was because she was trained at a very young age to stay in bed until someone came for her.

Well it all changed this week when Ruthie got brave enough to get out of bed and walk out of her room. I would like to spiritualize this and say that it represents a new level of relationship she has with us. I was thinking today how as a new Christian I related to God as this authority who was going to tie me down or return me to the "dark side" if I got out of line, but as my relationship with him grew, I felt more freedom and trust.

I would like to think that Ruthie's new freedom to get out of bed is the overflow of the freedom she now feels in relationship with us instead of just a 3 year old testing her boundaries. :)

Today's Side Note

I was practicing shooting manually and taking pictures of Ruthie in her "mommies little princess" shirt the other day. I got some really cute ones and then dad arrived and I caught the best one of all.


Jen said...

I would say it's a very good line! And great pictures!

Shannon said...

Ginny! That is wonderful! Georgia has the ability to climb out of her bed but, same as Ruthie...she just doesn't. We know that she spent 90% of her time in her crib so that her heart would not be stressed so we just keep watching and waiting! Those pictures are beautiful!!!!!!

Les said...

She's just a doll!!
I have a great story for you! The other day I was in a fabric store with Joshua and there were 2 Mennonite women with two Asian girls. I eventually started a conversation and found out that the girls belonged to the younger woman and were from China. They had noticed Josh and asked about him. Then they asked what agency we used. When I told them AWAA they lit up and said, "So did we!" This has never happened to me before! Then the lady told me that her brother had recently adopted a daughter this summer from China and used AWAA. On my way out the door I remembered your post about the sweet family from KS that you met while in China. So I told them I had friends in TX who went this summer who might have known the brother. I described you guys and Ruthie and told them your name and they seemed to remember hearing about you. The brother's last name was Dirk. Are they the family you know?
It was a really fun "chance" meeting!
Blessings to you!
Lesli Cryer

Wendy said...

We brought our daughter, Abigail, home from Nanjing in May of 2007 at age 26 months. Here we are almost three years later, 5 years old, and she still will NOT get out of her bed without calling for one of us. In a way its been a blessing, but somewhere deep inside, I recognize the sadness in that...we've assured her its okay to get up to go potty, but she doesn't without calling...thanks for your blog, I love it and Ruthie makes me smile every day!
Wendy in OH

Ginny said...

YES LESLI!!! That is them!! Wow it really is a small world. I loved those people. Their love for Jesus was at their core and made them such an attractive family to me. Nothing flashy just authenticity which is my favorite quality in anyone. Wow thanks for sharing that.

Hunan Mommy said...

The photos are so adorable! What a sweetie! I was reading the comments, and I have to agree, they were about the sweetest people I have ever encoutered. Loved visiting with the grandmother! So glad that Ruthie has made this wonderful step forward!


Cheri said...

Ginny, I am so glad Ruthie feels comfortable enough to climb out of bed now. We are dealing with the same thing with Evan. At 7 yrs old he will not get out of bed unless I or one of the kids tell him it is OK. Considering our children are from the same SWI it does not surprise me. With Evan being deaf it surprises me even less. The marks on his wrists and ankles are very evident. I knew what they were the moment I saw them. :( I hope he starts to feel comfortable in our house soon and will get up on his own soon.

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