Thursday, March 4, 2010

One of My Favorite Things

One of my favorite things since we got Ruthie has been watching Jack and Sam play with her. They both race to her room when she wakes up and then sometimes will play in there for 20 minutes and then all come out dressed like princesses. The boys start tearing the dresses off as soon as I go for my camera. :) Another thing they have both been willing to do is participate in tea parties. I snapped a few pictures of Ruthie and Sam having a tea party the other day. It was really sweet until Sam decided that he wanted to sit on the exercise ball and sent it bouncing down the stairs into his sister and the tea "table". Yep that kinda ruined the moment for her, but I got some cute pictures before then. Oh and I fully recognize that Sam's clothes don't match and their hair isn't combed. It was a lazy day.


Jen said...

Precious! Celia and Barak also practically knock each other down racing into Shiloh's room when she gets up in the morning. Pretty soon I'm going to have to put a stop to them climbing in the crib with her but I just haven't had the heart to do it.
Keep working at getting the princess pictures:) They'll be priceless someday!

Naomi said...

That is just precious! We love tea parties here and the funny thing is, I was planning to post about one we recently had today on my blog!! It would be so fun to see the girls (and boys) together!!