Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Book, Nutella, and a Package of Razors

This is not an update on Maggie's condition.  The most recent update is the post before this one HERE.

This is me sharing and processing something God did for me yesterday.  On Sunday I had a moment where I was thinking about how Maggie might not be able to see a book that I would read to her and that it would be nice for her to have a few up here that she could touch or interact with if she felt up to it.  The thought was short and then I was quickly distracted but something more pressing.

Later I was sitting in the waiting room with a friend and a commercial came on the TV for Nutella snacks and I briefly thought how that sounded pretty good and would be nice to have in my room.  Then Sunday night I climbed in the bath (keeping it real here) and pondered how I was not going to be able to wear shorts or capris until I could get a hold of a razor and I didn't see that being in my near future.   They were all very brief passing thoughts that were of very little significance in light of what we are facing every minute in this room.

On Monday two friends came to visit with a big bag of goodies for us.  In that bag there were two interactive board books, several containers of snack Nutella, and a package of razors.  I hadn't told my friends what I had thought in those moments during the day before, but God did.  I believe He wanted me to know that He hears every desire of my heart even if I don't communicate it directly.  Furthermore, it doesn't have to be significant or deeply spiritual.

I know He is here walking with us through every step of this journey and meeting not only our needs but our trivial little desires as well.  We are not alone in the trials of this life.  We don't have to be perfect prayers for God to meet us where we are in a deeply personal way.

Thank you Lord for the healing you are going to bring to my daughter and for books, razors, and a package of Nutella.


Unknown said...

This has me bawling like a baby! God is so awesome!

Janet Pelc said...

He knows your every need and even your desires!

The Richerts said...

Love this!! Thanks for sharing, Ginny!

Naomi said...

Wishing Maggie a very healthy and amazing birthday with her family and that she would know she is being celebrated today!!

Following along and praying for you all each day,

love and hugs,

The Cuozzo Family