Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Better Than I Hoped

So today went a lot better than I expected.  I know that sounds awfully pessimistic but when we were transferred back to ICU, I kinda lowered my expectations.  Maggie started on Heparin today so we were monitoring her very closely for neural changes but she did great and was even spunkier than usual.  Her pain level is down in her arm which helps a lot.  They did not perform her Wednesday MRI today because they got the CT scan last night and plan to repeat that tomorrow.

On a fun note, I was able to go home today and do some laundry and even take a bath in my own tub.  It is the little things that really make a difference for your state of mind.  There was a present waiting at my house from a good friend for Maggie.  It was an all in one instrument and she loved it.  It was fun to see her playing for once.

Overall, she was much happier today with her pain under control.  Tomorrow morning bright and early, they will repeat the CT to make sure the Heparin is not causing any new bleeding.  If it looks good, we expect to go back to the step down unit.    That would be amazing because those rooms are so much more comfortable.

Thank you for all of your prayers.  We are ready to be done with scary set backs and just move toward recovery.  She is moving her left side more and is looking to the right now.   We aren't sure what she can see but it is certainly an improvement.  

As always, you guys are amazing and continue to blow us away with your encouragement.  Thanks for loving my girl.


Bill and Toni said...

God is awesome and it's of Him I ask for healing.

likeschocolate said...

It is funny when something so simple and mundane as laundry or taking a bath becomes and exciting thing. So happy today was a better day for miss Maggie!

Susan Hayes said...

We continue to pray for your sweet, sweet Maggie and know that our Father will keep a healing hand on her and her doctors. Faith is a great thing as is our God!