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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Recovering (Both of us)

It is a terrifying thing to have your child have a stroke in your arms.  I am not sure if I will ever quit re-playing it in my head.  At night I have dreams that I am falling or that someone is attacking me.  Every time she so much as twitches or looks sleepy I panic that some is happening again.  It is going to take me a long time to get over this one.

So I am in my hotel room resting for a minute because I have the night shift tonight.  Trent and I have a deal where we turn off our phones when we go back to the room with the understanding that the other one will call the room phone if something goes wrong.  Well I was deep asleep and my room phone rang. I jumped up and ran across to answer it and it was stupid guest relations just making sure my stay was going okay.  REALLY?!?  It was going great until she about gave me a heart attack!  Now as I sit to update everyone, my legs are still shaking and my heart is about to jump out of my chest.  Thanks lady.

Okay so onto the update because I am not sure if I will get a chance tonight.  Maggie has done very well today.  She is even more alert than yesterday.  There is not a ton of return at her extremities or eyes but she is acknowledging the existence of her right hemisphere by turning her head to see things there more.  She is also talking to herself and just taking in her surroundings more.

(She is trying to give the PT her IV here.  She can't figure out why she can hold it but not give it away)

Apparently she smiled for the PT but as soon as I got there with my phone, she stopped.  I did catch her grinning at her Nana though and even mimicking like she used to.  We are starting to see more personality come back today.  It is not her in all of her over the top splendor but she is coming back to us slowly.

The plan for the next few days is to leave her alone and let her heal.  PT and OT will still come but the floor physician has told all of the specialists they have to wait until her next sedation day (next week) to do any tests they want.  With at least 9 different teams following her, there are a lot of theories and requests and it doesn't allow her time to rest.   

Last night while I was visiting my big kids, the geneticist had a hand x-ray done because she was curious what the bones in her hands looked like in light of her crooked thumbs.  I would have so denied that if I had been there.   Seeing her hand bones is not critical to her brain healing and is just extra radiation (after 3 CTs and a swallow study) and extra trauma.  I realize my daughter's condition is fascinating but we are hear to be treated, not studied.  We are putting an end to that.   

I like this new floor physician.  He has a strong personality and looks just like the character Sylar from the old NBC show, Heroes.  Luckily he is a lot more compassionate than that.  If you have seen the show will understand why my husband made a joke about taking him down if he lifts his pinky to my daughter. :)

Prayer requests are the same- complete healing and no new clots.  

We are thankful for you friends. 


Suzette Jones said...

God is good and we will keep believing in the power of His healing hand! Such beautiful pictures!

The Richerts said...

Sounds like a good plan of action!! Hope you and your dear husband can rest up too! Continuing to pray!

likeschocolate said...

So happy she is slowly coming back to you! Praying for no knew clots and better understanding of what is going on!

Anonymous said...

I cry tears of joy as I see this precious child in recovery. I pray for sweet Maggie to continue to heal with no more clots forming and for wisdom for her Dr's to determine the cause of the clots and to stop them from reoccurring. God is good!


Lord all I can say is thank you. To see the photos of this sweet little one tonight does my heart good. Even though I don't know this sweet family, you know them all by name and even the hairs on their heads. Continue this good work that you have begun in Maggie. Be with Trent n Ginny - encourage them and give them the rest they need to take on the next day. Thanks for all you are doing and your many blessings. In your holy name,Amen

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