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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day of Encouragement

I believe July 9th will forever be known in our family as the day of encouragement.  Maggie woke up this morning with her facial and extremity swelling down and a light in her eyes that we had not seen in over a week.  For several days, her eyes have had this film over them that concerned me but today it was gone.  We were so much more encouraged yesterday for her making good progress and I believe the doctors were too.

I am sorry I didn't post this last night but the internet was acting up again and I was falling asleep waiting on it so I just shut it down.

So here are the high points from yesterday:
* Maggie just overall looks like she feels better.
* We went 24 hrs without pain meds.
* She moved her left arm and left leg a little again while waking up from a nap.
* When she was laying on her left side, she shifter her eyes to the right in  her right visual field to look at me.  This is the first time she has done this.  We could not get her to do it sitting upright though. 
* I was able to have lunch across the street with some friends.  
* I went home for a few hours last night to do some laundry and tuck my other 3 in bed.  
* We moved to the step down unit to PCU instead of ICU.

Our continued prayer requests:
* For complete healing to Maggies left side and vision
* For no more clots or bleeds
* For rest for Trent and me.  There is a couch in her new room so whoever stays with her at night can sleep now.  That will help a lot.  We are hoping to trade off entire nights instead of breaking the night in half so every other night you get a full nights sleep.
* For my other 3 to know that they are loved and be able to get through this okay.

She is obviously not completely back to herself emotionally in that we have no real smiles or giggles.  She doesn't request anything but comfort.  However, I think we are getting there and I am hopeful for what the today holds.


Cindy Hester said...

Praying for God's divine healing hand upon Maggie, and praying for you and your family. Frank Aragon is my nephew, and he and Sara have been sharing your blogs with our family. We are all praying and believing for Maggie's healing and for God to bring you out of this much richer spiritually for having had to walk by faith through this experience. May God bless you for your loving faithfulness to him, and to your sweet family.

Aunt Johnette (AKA Emaw) said...

She looks so much better today, but it is the confidence in your voice that speaks the loudest to me. May she stay on this road from here forward. We love you so, Sis!


Lord, thank you for keeping your promises. Thank you that Maggie is improving. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you that she is able to step down to the PCU. Thank you that Trent and Ginny will have an opportunity for a better opportunity to rest.

We know that you are in control of this situation. Continue to heal Maggie until she is fully restored. Show the drs. The cause of this illness and the best way to treat it effectively. Use Maggie, Trent, and Ginny to show others your love and grace. Place people in their path to minister to their needs.

Thank you again for all you have done and will continue to

Gary Bean said...

Praise be to the Lord. Our prayers are for continued improvement and complete healing. Also, that both of you are provided the spiritual and physical strength to make it through each day.

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