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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Last 2 Days

Sorry I didn't update last night. My husband covered it on his blog and I really didn't have anything to add.  Basically Maggie had surgery again last night to drain the other abscess on her brain.  They left her intubated from the morning tests and waited on the surgeon to be ready.  That took longer than we hoped so it was late when everything wrapped up.  Watching her come out of anesthesia this time was pretty scary.  She was gasping for air and the look on her face was one of terror.  I kept telling her to breathe and wanted with everything I had to take away her pain and fear that was so intense that she was holding her breath.

Today was mostly about pain control.  She has slept most of the day and screamed only when she was messed with.  I started telling the residents that if they messed with her, they had to settle her.  She didn't get "looked at" near as much today.  One of our new MD friends from another floor came down to check in on her today and hang out for a few minutes.  He talked about how fascinating her case is for all of the doctors and new residents.  I get that but today she needed to be left alone and I needed to be the one to make that clear.

They are supposed to be taking the drain out of her head tonight.  Apparently that will be a little uncomfortable and is done without anesthesia.  I will be glad when it is out though because it will make it easier to hold and snuggle her.  Also, she is starting to swell again which I am not a fan of that.

Okay just some observations and fun things to share.

*The medical center is an interesting and diverse place.  The photographer in me is itching to spend a day photographing people on the streets.  Today on the way to the hospital, I watched a physician step over a homeless man who was laying passed out on his stomach across the sidewalk.  At lunch, I walked passed a man on the street, in a hospital gown, with nothing but his undies on in the back.  I may or may not have snapped a picture with my cell phone.  There are so many stories right outside this hospital.  I have heard that Houston is the most diverse city in America.  I believe it and I think it is most true on the streets outside of this building.  Maggie's doctors alone represent at least 5 different countries.

*Many of you have asked about my other 3.  Here is a story to let you know how Sam and Ruthie are doing.  Yesterday Sam asked what the possible scenarios were for Maggie.  I explained that she could fully recover, come home a little different, or maybe not come home at all.  He sat and thought for a minute then said, "Wouldn't it be awesome if when she came home she could fly?"  Then Ruthie chimed in,  "That would be so awesome."   The conversation between them continued for several minutes about how cool it would be if they had a flying sister.

That is where we are.  To stick to the marathon analogy from earlier posts, I would say yesterday felt like we interrupted our stride  to stop and tie our shoes.  Today we were trying to just get going again.

Thanks for continuing to pray.


Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

I do not believe miss Maggie made the journey all the way here not to make it to the finish line. Praying this is the last time they have to mess with her! Praying she has a full recovery. Who is watching the other children? I pray you have a good network of friends who are taking care of them and bringing meals to your home. Wish I lived closer.

Janene Blakley said...

My input may not be helpful but Thursday I had a drain tube removed from surger the previous day. It did sting as they took it out but soon it felt much better. I am praying it will be quick and easy for her. Praying for your family. My daughers just were at camp Revo with Trent. I am sure God will use your path to bless others.

Jennifer Bacak said...

Praying for your baby girl!

Angie said...

A friend of ours from church shared your blog with us and we've been praying for your sweet Maggie! We frequent the Medical Center with our baby boy and I agree- it's an interesting place! Praying!

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