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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Diagnosis and Prayer Requests

The Facts:  Maggie's cultures from the abscess in her brain revealed strep bacteria.  The theory is that she contracted strep several weeks ago and that it set up in her heart somewhere and threw a clot or just migrated to her brain.  The course of treatment from here is to put in a pic line for 6 weeks of IV antibiotics.  She will have an MRI every Wednesday and procedures on Thursdays if needed to drain the abscesses on her brain.

The Implications: We are going to be here for awhile.  This also suggests that she does not have a clotting or bleeding disorder.  Now her heart condition does make her more likely to clot but she does not have an otherwise genetic clotting disorder.

The Prayer Requests:
*To be able to completely wipe out this infection without further brain surgery. There is an increased risk for brain damage and further infection with each surgery so we would like to avoid this.

*For complete return to her prior functional level.

*For complete emotional healing.

*For Trent and I to hit a care rhythm that allows us to sleep, work if necessary, and interact with our other 3 while taking care of Maggie.

*For the finances in all of this to work out.  This may be more about me releasing my need for control and security than any dollar amount.  I have financial security issues and I have a feeling that God may break me of those through this experience.  Pray that I can give those concerns to Him and then focus on what is eternal.

*For my other kids to feel secure and know they are loved.  They are starting to struggle and there is just not enough of me to go around right now.  I also want them to still enjoy their summer.

On Another Note:  We have been blessed with some new relationships since being here.  There are several team members that I really like and one in particular is from Beijing.  She moved here at 15 and has taken a real interest in Maggie.  Yesterday she came in and just hung out for a while and talked to Maggie in Mandarin.  Also, the vascular access team member today was the husband of a photography client of mine.  It's a small world and there is encouragement and small blessings all around us.  Trent has been speaking with the cleaning lady for the floor.  She is hispanic and he talks to her in Spanish.  She said she is praying for Maggie.

The staff here is amazing and we are getting excellent care.  You could see them trying to suppress the excitement in their eyes that they have a diagnosis while communicating the gravity of it to me.  I get it.  They are scientists and they don't like to lose.  Finding an explanation is a win for them.  Now they shift their need for victory to her recovery and I am determined to help them get a win there too.

Thanks for being on our team, for riding in our roller coaster, for providing drink stops in our marathon, and for your role in whatever other analogies I come up with over the course of this experience.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


Belinda said...

Hi Ginny and Trent,

Trent taught me Bible at Castle Hills in San Antonio my senior year, and then in Waco during my freshman year you guys helped minister to Abby and I while we were at Baylor and Highland Baptist.

Wendy Elkins posted a link to your blog last week. And I have been following along and praying for Maggie diligently since I saw it.

Reading how God is placing special angels in her life, the lady who is speaking Mandarin to her during the day, the cleaning lady praying for her, all of them, made me so emotional. God's love is overwhelming.

Maggie is in my heart along with the rest of your family.

Much love - Belinda Petri Jordan

Nancy Pavur said...

So thankful that you have a diagnosis and the doctors know how to treat. I know you don't know Sonny, my husband, but he is a director of pharmacy and has kept up with Maggie as well. I just called him at work and his words were "It is treatable." He was very upbeat. I know you all have have a long road and now in a sense you're just beginning a new path. It also will be made straight. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Sending out blessings to Maggie and your family. So hard to trust in the Lord, but I know that he loves you and is mindful of your struggles.

Olga Reyes said...

Keep on rocking Maggie as we keep on P.U.S.H. ing

Anonymous said...

So thankful you have a diagnosis. Continued prayers for sweet Maggie and your precious family.


Praise God you have a diagnosis! I feel the struggles you are having, and I want to lift you in prayer tonight.

Lord, you know the heart of Ginny. Thank you for this incredible lady and the love she has for you. Thank you for her selfless giving to Maggie. Bless her as she ministers to this child.

Father you know her anxieties. Thank you that she feels free enough to express them. Father I lift up each of these things that seem like obstacles, and ask you to meet every need for this precious sister.

Help her children at home know and feel her love. Take away any anxious feelings the other children may have and meet their every need. Let them feel their mama's love for them even as she is away from them.

Lord, meet the financial needs of this family. While they are away from their responsibilities, provide mana from heaven. Give them their daily bread each day, because we know how much you care for us.

Father, I pray for Ginny's physical and emotional health. While she is so busy caring for others, I know she us getting run down. Give her the rest she needs, refresh her with sound sleep, and calm and cleanse her mind with your peace. Give this sister your strength daily.

Thanks again for the blessing of a diagnosis. Be with sweet Maggie, heal her little body completely and restore her back to herself. Thank you for the blessings you are revealing every day. In your name I pray, Amen

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