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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Moving Along

I figured moving along was a good title regardless of which journey analogy (roller coaster, marathon, mountain drive) landed on me before the end of this post. :)

I would say it was mostly a marathon kind of day.  She started the day moving her left side a little more and even moving her left hand for the first time since the initial event.  PT came and worked with her and her sitting balance was improved.  I was even able to crawl into bed with her today and read her a few books which was therapeutic for both of us.

She was still pretty sad today but not quite as weepy.  There are a few things she gives the nurses trouble with that we figured out she will let me do.  I have to say that sign of trust warms my heart because I fear that she is going to blame me for this experience.  Oh and of course I have popsicles and Nutella on my side so I am sure that helps too. 

Her ICU doctor sent me to McDonalds today to get her some french fries to raise her sodium.  I thought that was worth taking a picture of for all of my healthy friends out there. :)  I might have picked up an ice cream sunday for her too.  Her diet today is starting to sound like a trip to the Houston Rodeo.  There were no fried Oreos, I promise. 

Tonight we shifted into roller coaster gear for a little while.  Her fever started to climb and with it came a new set of seizures.   They stopped with Tylenol but the team increased her seizure meds anyway.   Our neurosurgeon, Dr. Whitehead, came to check on her personally.  I am convinced that man never sleeps because he really is there at all hours of the day.  If you know Mrs. Whitehead you can tell her we are sorry she never sees her husband but we really are thankful for his dedication to his patients.

Prayer Requests:  
*She has a follow up MRI tomorrow to see what the thalamic abscess is doing and if they need to tap the other lesion.  Pray it looks great and surgery is not necessary.

*They are also going to do an echo through her esophagus.  Cardiology is convinced there is nothing there but Infectious Disease feels like they need to address a possible endocarditis and seeing it will help them make sure their treatment is effective.  Pray they can see anything that is there.

*They are inserting a pic line while she is under for her 6 weeks of IV meds.  Pray against any side effects with this.  Our biggest concern is that they can cause clotting but she has to have it.

*Pray she handles the sedation well tomorrow and returns to us with new gains.  I feel like we lose a day or 2 with each sedation and I would like for that not to happen this time.

*Pray Trent and I are both responsive to what God wants to teach us through this.  I am convinced you don't walk away from an experience like this unchanged and I want that change to be one that makes me more like Christ instead of angry, fearful, or insecure.

Hoping tomorrow is a driving through the mountains kind of day where we see God make paths were there seemed to be no way.


Anonymous said...

Ginny- I was thinking of all of you last night and other situations when the song "God Will Make a Way" popped into my head. I'm thinking you know it too since it was your closing remark. I'm claiming those words. He will make a way, even though we don't see one and He will guide. He will hold you all close with love and strength for each new day. I pray this for Maggie, Trent, You, jack, Sam, and Ruthie. God is good! Love you all.

Rachel said...

We have never met but we also have a little girl from China...praying for your precious daughter and all the requests you have shared.

Carol said...

Of all the physical stuff she has to endure, it's when you say she is sad that brings me to tears. Not just because she is sad, but because I know what that does to a momma's heart. We continue to pray for your sweet family - all of you - as you try to make sense of this. Speaking all the requests to the Lord and also for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Anonymous said...

My BFF's mom once had a bumper sticker that read 'God is my copilot." I'm praying the our precious Lord will be guiding the Dr.'s during surgery tomorrow with a safe and secure ride through the mountains toward a destination of total healing for all of you. God bless you and your wonderful family.

Leslie said...

I'm sorry for all Maggie is enduring. I wish I had some more, but knowing how much she is enduring and having seen my own girls and youngest son suffer through so much it is just not fair.

She definitely has the fight in her that I've seen in my own.

I'm glad you're keeping it real and acknowledging that a Sundae and Nutella are sometimes that day's breath of fresh air. Sometimes the little things are big things when your child is sick in the hospital with no easy answers.

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Praying for this sweet girl and your family. Having a heart baby myself I know how this not only effect the patient, but the family. Praying for your children. Praying you and your husband can stay strong through all this. Hugs from Atlanta!

Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

Was looking at Gotcha videos tonight, and came across yours. When you feel like your loosing home just go watch your video. She is so worth it! Every minute!

Miles S. Mullin, II said...

The faculty at the Houston Campus is praying for all of you.

BTW, through it all, she is still the cutest kiddo around. How does she do it?


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