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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Day After

I am home and am spending today ridding my body of all the things that tried to get a free trip to America either in my skin or in my intestines. It's a beautiful day!
Seriously, I am so glad to be home and it is much bigger than the peace that comes with sleeping in your own bed. On that note, I didn't even get mad last night when Trent woke me up with his snoring because it was so much better than roosters, dog fights, or Voodoo drums. Give me a few weeks days and I am sure that I will be kicking him to the couch again. :)

My 2 favorite quotes since I have been home were:

Sam- "mommy you can't go back to Haiti because it is making your skin darker". I guess I came home with a tan and some dirt that made Sam think I was turning into a Haitian

Jack- "Will you come eat lunch with me so I can show my friends your bugs from Haiti?"
I am not sure the school will approve of that son.

I started sifting through the 700 pictures I have. It is hard to decide which ones to share and in what context. I will post just some random favorites today until I can figure out what is best for later.

One thing you can pray about for me- I woke up in the middle of my last night in Haiti with a very clear message in my head based on the verse "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the father except through me". God really put into a message for me how my experiences and photos illustrate what he is doing in Haiti and what he desires to do in all of us. I believe that I am supposed to share that somewhere (or several somewheres) so you can pray that God will open those doors and make that opportunity clear.

This is my translator with Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley was from my nephew John D and he went all over Haiti with me.

I am hesitant to show this to Trent because I don't want to give him any ideas for the next time I tell him that my hands are full

I watched this little guy all day as he went around and gathered things for his box. He reminded me so much of Sam like that.

I just loved the eyes on this child

This is the medical team in our favorite mode of transportation. The great thing about riding in the back of the truck is that you can't see what is going on in front of you.

Handing out cards to some of my new friends. There is a great story that goes with this picture that I will tell you later

More new friends

I loved this photo of this man waiting with this child. It illustrates so many memories to me. People would wait patiently like this for hours to see us and most of them had children with them that they had taken in after the earthquake. This boy probably did not originally belong to this man, but he does now.


The Richerts said...

Welcome home, Ginny! Loved what your little guys had to say. He is the only Way. Looking forward to what you have to share.

Kim S said...

So glad you're home, Ginny! I can't wait to hear your stories as you "unpack" what God worked in & through you in Haiti.

Shannon said...

Oh I cannot wait to see and hear more!!!!!!!! Your pictures are beautiful!!!! Welcome home my friend!

Hunan Mommy said...

Obviously I need to stay caught up on your blog. Photo of the little boy and the man is so touching. It makes sense that they are all simply taking care of one another.

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