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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Sets Them Apart

One of the coolest things about my trip to Haiti was getting there and figuring out that I was part of a much larger vision. Most people go to Haiti and see themselves as relief workers and that was the mindset that I went in with, but what I learned when I got there was that God is doing so much more than just meeting the immediate needs of the people.

Prior to the earthquake, YWAM Haiti had a vision to take small communities of people and disciple them. They wanted to teach them biblical principles for how to relate to each other and take care of their community. These small communities would then spread out and influence the larger community. When the earthquake happened, God put that vision into fast forward action. YWAM was suddenly given several small communities that were entirely dependent on them for survival and direction. The cool thing about YWAM is that they aren't just trying to help people. They are trying to influence and raise up the future of Haiti.

The understanding of their overall vision made my participation there so much more meaningful. I felt like I was doing more than just meeting the temporary needs of the people, but I was participating in God's plan to reclaim Haiti for Himself. With that in mind, the next big question is - WILL I GO BACK?

I tell you what, I have so many ideas in my head about things that could be done and the ways those around me could participate that I am pretty sure I will be going back. My hope is to go back in November when the average temperature drops 10-15 degrees. Oh that would be so nice. :)

Can I tell you some of the teams I could see going? Who knows, you might be interested in coming along
1. TEACHERS- to teach the adults and children in the tent cities a weeks worth of English. You could tie those English lessons to biblical teaching too. If you could give the people some basic English and leave them with the materials to practice, you could help them communicate better with those providing aid and you might help them get a job in the future.

2. FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER- I think it would be AWESOME to take a digital camera and a few of those stand alone digitial picture printers and set up somewhere to take family pictures. You could print them an 8x10 of themselves, place it in a plastic sleeve for protection, and then in a cardboard frame with some kind of message on it. So many people wanted me to take their picture so they could see themselves in the viewer. I would love to give them the joy that comes with a picture of your family. I think that would also help their tents and tin homes feel like a family home.

3. CONSTRUCTION- Did you know that for $6000 you can build a duplex out of concrete blocks with a concrete foundation that houses 2 families? YWAM is building these in 3 different communities and calling them Homes For Hope. Your church group could go to Haiti and build one of those homes.

4. CRAFT SKILL- One thing I noticed in St Marc is that there weren't any street vendors like you see in places like Mexico and the Bahamas. I think it would be cool to come up with a product, maybe a piece of jewelry like the Isabella bracelets, that you could take the materials with you and teach the women how to make. They could then sell those on the street for some kind of profit.

There are so many things you could do. I hope you will pray about being involved and maybe even going back with me. I was so impressed with YWAM and their ability to get aid to the people while pursuing their long term goals. You can check them out at www.ywamhaiti.org/

My Recruitment Photo :) - I took this on our day off at the beach. They don't have water like that in Texas!


The Raudenbush Family said...

You have some great ideas here--the idea of the photographer is really a novel idea and one that would be so valuable, I'm sure. You definitely are a good salesperson...it's tempting!

groovy mama said...


Hey you know i am a 'retired'photographer...hmmmm, i will think on that one!


Jenn said...

Love all of your ideas! I really like the picture idea. We take for granted all the pictures that we can take of our families.

When we were teaching our sweet Karen refugee families English, we brought our camera one day. When they saw we had it, they ran and put on their best clothes for a family picture! I'll never forget that and the little lesson it taught me. Never take for granted ANYthing!

Anna Grace said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories! You're helping me think about a lot of things right now in terms of ministry and giving. Love to all five of you!

Shannon said...

Ooooh sign me up!!!!!!!! I would love to go and do photography and write family stories or something...love the Isabella bracelet idea too!!!!!

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