Monday, May 10, 2010

Haiti Prayer Update

Haiti Prayer Update - Monday afternoon

I just got off the phone with Ginny and they seem to be tired but doing well. Pray along these lines today...

Ongoing protection from any and all diseases. Ginny's quote du jour: "I think I've been exposed to more today than I have in the past 10 years." Scabies, TB, lice, typhoid, stomach issues of varying degrees and expressions, malaria, etc., are all on the "God protect me from this" list.

They have encountered many heart-breaking situations. There are kids who, if they had appropriate care, would flourish. However, because they have no access to mildly advanced care, they are looking at lifelong effects. Pray for Ginny and Lori to know (a) how to treat them from a PT perspective and (b) how to pray and (c) how to appropriately advocate for them.

Thanks for praying. One week until Ginny returns.

Trent (for Ginny)


Amy E. said...

Thanks for the update. Will be praying specifically.

Shannon said...

I'm praying!!!!!!!!! I have no doubt that the Lord is using Ginny and Lori in mighty ways!!!!

Jenn said...