Friday, May 7, 2010

First Night of Prayer Requests

Ok, for praying people, some prayers along the lines of physical challenges first:
  • Ginny and Lori will be seeing at least one patient with TB. Pray for their protection.
  • There is an outbreak of lice at the compound where they're staying. Again, pray for protection.

Now, on a vocational front:
  • Ginny asked specifically that you pray that she and Lori are not underused. She wants to work long, hard, and with lots of patients. There is some apparent reticence on the part of the coordinators to "burn them out." They're there to "burn out" (in a good way). My assumption is that the coordinator does not quite know what they are capable of because that person is not the regular administrator of the clinic. Pray they are used long past their abilities and strength so that they depend wholly on God.
  • Relatedly, the administrator of the clinic has had to quit and YWAM needs a long-term person or family to come and stay, administrating the clinic and orchestrating care for the thousands they serve. Pray for them to find that person or family.

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Shannon said...

Praying hard here!!!! So proud of you Ginny! Praying not only that you will not be underused but that God would lead you specifically to who He has for you to serve (and those He wants to use to teach you things too)!!!! Keep up the good work!