Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Guess It's Official

I am a real medical missionary now. Two days ago I noticed these little blister things on the knuckles of my hand and then they gradually spread to cover my fingers. Today I have spots on my legs and the nurses have now determined that I have Scabies! I am sure I got it from one of those precious little kids I hugged on and I would not trade that. For those of you who will be in close proximity to me in a few days, don't worry, I have already started the medication and was assured that they would be dead in a few days.

I guess it is better than Malaria which has been going around here too.

Rebecca- tell Thom we may need to hose down his sleeping bag. :)


The Richerts said...

Ugh.....that's a drag. But you are right, could be way worse. Kinda like a badge of honor to bring home!! It has been great reading your posts. It is so hard to imagine so many that need so much -- especially the children! Bless you for heeding the call to serve.

Naomi said...

Oh Ginny it is wonderful to catch up and read about all that God is using you to do there!! What an opportunity and blessing to be His hands and feet and love on the sick. I love your sweet heart as always and am so grateful to you for making the needs known!!

May God continue to protect and give you wisdom moment by moment with every situation that comes your way.