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Friday, May 21, 2010

Part 3 Finishing Up Survivor Stories

I was just sitting outside with my neighbors and one of them reminded me that I have not posted today's stories. Sorry about that. I have not quite felt like myself the last few days. It feels somewhat like part of me is still in Haiti and sometimes like Haiti is in another dimension. I have a hard time bringing it all together to accept that Haiti is in the same world as here. I know that sounds crazy, but I have never held back on being honest before so why start now.

The rash is much better today so thanks for praying.

OK so onto more survivor stories:

Survivor Story # 6
This one is really going to get all of you with hearts for adoption. The lady in the picture is a survivor, but this isn't about her. It is about the baby she is holding. That baby was abandoned at the tent city by her mother who is now gone. She is being taken care of by several women who share the duty of watching over her but none feel able to take her in. She has no real identity and thus will not be available for adoption as I understand it. There are teams of students who stay in that tent city and also care for the baby around the clock. Her future is uncertain, but she is a survivor.

Survivor Story #7
This is my translator. You have seen him in pictures before but I don't think you have heard his story. He was living in Port Au Prince with 17 family members. At 4:43 he and his girlfriend decided to walk outside to buy some water. At 4:45 the earthquake hit and he watched his house collapse onto his family. For 3 days he could reach some of them on cell phones as they were trapped inside but he could not get to them. On the 4th day, they stopped answering their phones and he could not hear them anymore. He translated for us for $10 a day. Here are some pictures of him through the week.

Survivor Story #8
This kid had TB and lived in the clinic. In the States, his TB would be treatable, but not for him in Haiti. He is very sick and was transfered out while we were there.

More Pictures:

This grandmother brought these children to church both Sundays I was there. I loved watching them worship together.

Isn't she beautiful?

These kids never quite decided that they were ok with us

With friends who now have t-shirts to represent St John Sports Medicine. :)

A tent city outside of Port Au Prince. They aren't all as nice as the ones YWAM set up

The YWAM base in St Marc Haiti. It has a wall all the way around it with barbed wire and armed guards.

Some photos don't need captions


Amy said...

Oh no I hope you didn't think I was nagging you, I just love reading your stories! Thanks so much for taking the time to blog about it and share it with us :)

Ginny said...

Not at all Amy. I was encouraged!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!!!! I am just logging on and hadn't read any of the Haiti stories. I am home, with a sick Ryah, reading these stories, crying and wishing I was there, too. You so need to compile all these stories and pictures into a book. We all need to be reminded of many things including how special each of us are, and how fortunate many of us are (even if we don't have cable TV because we are "cutting back!") Some of the eyes of the children are piercing and so beautiful! ...wish I could adopt 1 or 2 of them! Thanks for sharing-Shannon D

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